5 Easy Photoshop Tips Every Beginner Must Know

5 Easy Photoshop Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Photoshop is one way to showcase your wide imagination. Its usefulness is widely recognized from web designing to publishing magazines. Having great photoshop skills can help you in many ways possible especially in photography. Here are the top 5 easy photoshop tips every beginner must know.

Use the keyboard shortcuts
The best way to speed up the process of editing pictures in a photoshop is learning the keyboard shortcuts. Both beginners and professionals use keyboard shortcuts such as V for the moving tool. If you want to use a temporary hand key you just need to press the space bar. For paintbrush tool, press B. The eraser tool is E and the stamp tool is S.

These are just the most common keyboard shortcuts used in Photoshop. As you spend more time editing pictures, you will most likely discover more shortcuts to use in the long run.

Enhance the color of the picture
Enhancing the color of even the tiny details in photography can bring life to your photo. Therefore, you need to know the difference between vibrancy and saturation because most of the people interchange the two terms.

Vibrance refers to the increasing the level of saturation if the color is saturated. If you wanted to eliminate the orange skin and convert it to the normal skin tone, you might want to increase the vibrancy.

On the other hand, saturation refers to the high level of intensity in all the colors evenly. Saturation is not recommended if you are working with portraits but it can be extremely useful in other images.

Know when to use the vignette
If your subject is placed in the center, you might want to use the vignette because it can easily lead the eye to focus on the subject in the center. The dark space surrounding the subject in the center will emphasize its existence.

The vignette in Photoshop can be usually found in the Lens Correction. Click the custom tab and you will find the option that offers vignette.

Sharpening the image
One of the most widely used techniques when it comes to editing pictures is adding sharpness. In that way, you can enhance the small details of your image. Sharpening will compress the image in order to add value and details. However, there could be a slight or drastic change in the image once you’ve already sharpened it. It is usually used when the image is slightly blurry.

Applying filters
Filters are used in creating special effects for the photos. In using Photoshop, you are allowed to use more than one filter at a time. Professional editors usually create their own filter by using the manual tools and other options instead of choosing from the options.

The aforementioned 5 basic photoshop tips are helpful for beginners who are still exploring Photoshop. Try to apply one of these tips when it comes to enhancing your photos. There’s still a lot to learn and you can start right here.

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